Antique flooring carefully remilled to preserve the original patina!

All the options you should consider before buying the antique wood floor of your dream

Our antique flooring is made from timeworn wide plank boards, aged to perfection by generations of use. It shows marks like worms holes, saw marks, cracks, knots, etc.

We offer all the most coveted North American antique wood species: oak, vintage oakelm, heart pine, hemlockchestnut, white pine, spruceash, and Douglas fir. All those species allow you to create a rustic antique wood floor showing a sense of warmth, durability, and character, giving you a custom superior product... antique wood floors are among the most desirable.

Our antique flooring is reclaimed from old barns and industrial buildings slated for demolition... that makes it a green and environment friendly product. But Veser’s Antique Woods also offers two other choices worth a look at if you want to create a look alike antique floor at a reduced price: vintage flooring and old growth woods.



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